Pin Shop Update 1.1

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Dragon Tear Update

We have colors! My manu just sent me this photo of the firani dragon tear, and I am obsessed! They said they still have another day of coloring and they will move onto the next step!

Ysali Dragon Sample

First, I wanted to bring up the fact that after taking a poll, I found that most pin collectors actually enjoyed the Ysali dragon without the water in the background for the pin itself. I found, after I photoshopped the water out, that the dragon stood out a bit more and it brought the focus back to the dragon itself. Not only that, but it also gave the pin a more dynamic outline (as you can see from the second photo). So, I've decided to have my manufacturer redesign the dragon without the water. Also, since the water is not directly associated with the Ysali dragon (as it is the nature dragon) I figured removing the water would be best. We can save ALL the water for our Peisio dragon in this case! ;)
Secondly, I have decided to begin production on a sample for the dragon (without some details) for me to verify it is exactly what I want before moving onward to mass production for the Kickstarter campaign! I hope that having a product in the works helps build confidence in the Kickstarter!
Ysali Dragon Stats:
3" Gold-Plated Hard Enamel, Back Stamp, Screen Printing, and 3 Green Rubber Clutches.
AND because I am impatient, I am going to be sharing with you the progress on this dragon! So far the sample is looking GREAT (AND HUGE)! We will see how the coloring process goes! I can't wait to see what this looks like finished!

We Have a Backing Card!

I also wanted a special backing card for all of the dragon designs, and I am so excited to show off what we've come up with for the design! The background dragon design is from @algomar_art so please go show her some love! This is so epic! All I did was add text and change some colors, lol! We will have one colored backing card for each dragon! This is the Ysali design!
I also wanted to share my current backing card that I will be using for all my standard grade pins! This will be used for smaller pins (around 2" and less) as it was created on a standard sized business card. This design I created myself! Yay photoshop!

Dragon Filler Pin

I am also working on a mini-dragon filler pin for the Kickstarter! This is going to be completely self-funded and given out as a thank you for backing and sharing my project if we end up reaching the goal! They will also be sold in my shop when it officially opens as well! Sadly I don't have any images to share at this moment, but just know that it's in the works!


That's it for today! Thank you guys for all your support and I hope the next update will be even more exciting and full of good news!

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