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Dragon Tear Update

For the first part of this update, I wanted to share what I already have in production! We have the actual rough pieces finished and they are now working on coloring all of them!
Just seeing the design go from a piece of art to a real object in someone's hand is astonishing! I will share any and all updates with you guys in the future, but it excites me to see this live photo from my manufacturer! They're definitely bigger than I pictured, but damn, so impressive! The geometric shapes make me happy!
However, we did hit our first snag. Originally the design included glitter, but the photos I received to verify the glitter were just not what I wanted nor expected, so I decided to scrap the glitter altogether, which I think is a better decision. The glitter seemed to overpower the design and I just didn't care for it, so I suppose this pushed production back a few days. No worries though, I am having the rough pins redone so we don't have any plating issues (since apparently there would be a lot larger risk for plating issues if we used the current "glitterfied" pieces and stripped them of their enamel to redo the coloring).

Dragon Soul Progress

I also wanted to share what we have going for the dragon souls! As stated in the initial introduction blog post, I am working with another wonderful artist (owner of jellykatstudio) to have the current soul designs vectored and production ready! She is awesome, so please show her some support as well! This is obviously still a rough draft, as she figures out how to turn all those tiny details into a usable design, but I am in love with what is happening thus far!

Up first is our Ysali Dragon Soul design!
What I would like to see for the soul stats:
2" Gold-Plated Hard Enamel with Pearlescent Swirl, Screen Printing, Back Stamp, and 2 Green Rubber Clutches

Ysali Dragon Update

I have decided to put a deposit down on the Ysali Dragon to begin the production proof artwork and here we have our final design! We did have to change some of the smaller details as I really wanted this to be hard enamel since soft enamel would cheapen the design in my opinion. I have the quote from my manu and I will be placing these into production in the near future more than likely to get started on the process prior to beginning the Kickstarter! I will also be requesting a sample for this one prior to going to mass production, so we will see what comes of it!
Stats for the Ysali Dragon:
3" Gold-Plated Hard Enamel, Back Stamp, Screen Printing, and 3 Green Rubber Clutches.

Ayrala Dragon Completed

I received the finished Ayrala Dragon concept and it is fantastic! As stated in my EV introduction, this will be a stretch goal if we meet our initial funding goal during our first Kickstarter slated to be begin in the first quarter of 2021! If we don't meet the additional stretch goal then I will be hosting a second Kickstarter for the dragon & soul set as long as the first Kickstarter at least reaches its funding goal!
Stats for the Ayrala Dragon: 
3" Gold-Plated Hard Enamel, Back Stamp, Screen Printing, and 3 Pink Rubber Clutches.
I am so excited to turn these into pins! I really look forward to actually making them a reality! I just hope that I can get the backing and support to do so! When the Kickstarter goes live, if everyone can please share with the world, I would greatly appreciate it!
I want to give a huge shoutout to my artist, algomar_art for creating these fantastic dragon pieces! Please give her a follow, she's a wonderful all around artist but specializing in dragons was what caught my attention! We have many ideas for future non-dragon/Magesc related content as well!

Kiandri Dragon Begun

Not only have we completed the Ayrala design, but the Kiandri Dragon design has begun! Here is our WIP! I think he is SO cute! I am looking forward to seeing this, as the Kiandri dragon is one of my favorite dragons design-wise! This dragon design will also be added to the Kickstarter as a future stretch goal after the Ayrala, if we actually get that far! Again, all designs will receive their own Kickstarter as long as each one is fully funded (with other dragons being unlocked via stretch goals as well)!
Initial Kiandri Dragon Stats:
3" Gold-Plated Hard Enamel, Back Stamp, Screen Printing, and 3 Orange Rubber Clutches.

That's all, folks!

That's it for this update! Hope it is well received! I look forward to everything that is in the works right now and all the things are coming together, heheh! Thanks for taking the time to read this update and here's looking forward to the next one!

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