Introducing: Esoterik Visions

Hello and welcome to our first blog post! Here I will be sharing all the fun and exciting news that comes with creating pins and the like! I have loved the aspect of turning art into a physical product that can be held, touched, and felt. This is a project of love and I look forward to sharing the different aspects of my journey here with you all!
Please feel free to follow my journey through Instagram! I am going to be posting a lot of photos of different things there for all to see, but will also be keeping everyone up-to-date here on this blog as well with new and exciting projects!
You can also see my pin collection by following my "pinstagram" account: @skyepins!

Dragon Tear Collection

For my very first update, I would like to show off what I've decided to self-fund in terms of my first pin collection! That is, the Dragon Tear Collection!

​Ysali-Diabi Tears: 1.5" Gold-Plated Hard Enamel with Glitter & 2 Colored Rubber Clutches
Celestial Tear: 1.5" Rainbow Plated Soft Enamel with Glitter, Epoxy Coating, & 2 Clear Rubber Clutches
According to my manufacturer, I should be receiving these in early-mid January (if there are no delays in either shipping or production)! Once in hand they will be sold here in my shop at $10 each or the whole collection for $85!

Elemental Dragon Collection

 I'm also having the dragons drawn up for a future project. I plan to host a Kickstarter for each dragon and dragon soul pair, with stretch goals being additional dragons and their souls as well. This will probably happen in the next few months. The first dragon design to be created is, of course, the first dragon encountered in Magesc, the Ysali! 
These are the most probable stats should this go over well in the Kickstarter:
3" Gold-Plated Hard Enamel with 3 Green Rubber Clutches
I am also working with an artist to vector our Dragon Souls! So I will be back with that update as soon as we get that worked out! 
In other news, I received the initial Ayrala sketch as well! So this will be the second design being worked on (and the first stretch goal in case we get that far on the Kickstarter)! If we don't get to the point where we can get a second pin-set made, I will be hosting a second Kickstarter if the first one at least gets funded with the finalized design!

Smell ya later!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this update! It's all I have for now, but I will be back soon enough with more, I'm sure! 


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