About Esoterik Visions

The name "Esoterik Visions" came from a combination of the word "esoteric", which has an air of mystery to it and my first name, Erik. Pretty simple, really. Especially since I just changed one letter. But when I saw the name combined together I really fell in love with it and so it's been kept ever since. Visions came to me because everything in this store started as a simple vision that I wanted to make a reality. My logo is obviously inspired by my two cats (pictured above). They're like my kids and I love them dearly, so I wanted to incorporate their image into my business somehow.

I have always loved art, and have amassed a ton of it for my personal use over the years of different characters, dragons, and basically everything fantasy. I see myself as a creative, imaginative, and nerdy person. I wanted to take the love I have for art and create a physical product based on it. So, I have decided to collaborate with amazing artists and manufacturers to bring you the beautiful pins you see in this store!

I have a growing collection of pins based on the fantasy world I created when I was younger called Magesc. It is a land full of dragons, fantastical creatures, and beautiful landscapes. This is also where the name for our rewards program comes from (zil). Here on this site, you'll get a glimpse into the world of Magesc as well as the many other beloved characters and worlds I love.

If you want to learn more about Magesc, feel free to click here!

Art by arvyewaldo.

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