Preorder Information

What is a preorder? 

A preorder is a type of listing I have here on this website that is used to help me put my pin designs into mass production for all of you. A listing that is for a preorder pin design will always be prefaced with the [PREORDER] tag.


How do your preorders work?

Before I open any preorders, I have already self-funded a sample (more than likely without screen printing details as that is costly for a sample), and have fully approved the final design of the pin.

From there, I will post up a listing with open preorders which will run for 1-2 weeks. During this preorder period, whoever wishes to purchase one or more of the pins at a discounted price is free to do so. The amount of sales I get during this open preorder period will determine the LE number of the pin. Every preorder is guaranteed a Standard Grade pin at a reduced cost. Basically you get the best quality pins for a discounted rate! Since preorders are used to help fund mass production, there are NO REFUNDS GIVEN on preorder sales.

Once the open preorder period closes, I will be placing my order with the manufacturer and the waiting game begins. I will be sure to keep everyone up to date with a specific blog post dedicated to each preorder listing. You can find each listing's blog post below or navigate to the preorder listing as it will also be linked in the listings description.


Can I order other (in hand) items along with my preorder?

Yes, you can, but I wouldn't suggest it. Although you may save on shipping, your order will not be sent out until all pins in the order are in hand, meaning that your order will have to wait until I receive the preorder pins in hand. So, even if your order contains in hand items, you will still have to wait as I won't be separately shipping them. If you can be patient and don't mind waiting for all the pins to arrive, then go for it!


How long until I receive my preordered pins?

Honestly, that is more dependent upon my manufacturer and the mail carrier than anything. But I would say expect to wait between 8-12 weeks after the preorder period closes before the pins are in your hands. This is because there is a lot of work going into each pin, and sometimes it can take up to 8 weeks for me to even receive the pins myself! You will receive shipping updates on your order when your preorder is shipped out, but please be patient. Also, don't forget to check out the blog posts regarding preorder pins because they have manufacturer photos along with little tidbits of information my manufacturer has given me regarding the process of the pins in their creation! It's fun to watch the process!


Where are these blog posts?

All of the blog posts are under my News tab above! If you're looking for updates on a specific preorder you purchased, look no further! Just click the images below to be taken to the individual blog posts for each preorder!

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